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The Edmunds Law Firm – Representation Across the Nation

The Edmunds Law Firm represents applicants in their Security Clearance cases across the entire United States, in cities such as New York, San Diego, Washington, D.C. and Chicago. Attorney Alan V. Edmunds is among the very few National Security Clearance attorneys who travel throughout the country to represent clients with Security Clearance problems. His success across the country is a matter of public record. Our attorneys assist civilians as well as active duty military clients around the globe.

Heightened Security Concerns

Individuals who are seeking a National Security Clearance will be thoroughly screened by the Federal Government. In today’s security climate, obtaining a National Security Clearance is often a challenge. The Edmunds Law Firm has successfully represented hundreds of “Clearance Applicants” over the past three decades, covering the entire spectrum of Clearance related issues.

Every Step in the Clearance Process

Individuals at all stages of the National Security Clearance process have received valuable guidance from the Law Offices of Edmunds & Cleary including:

  • Initial consulting
  • Application (SF86) preparation
  • Security Clearance investigation questions
  • Hearing preparation
  • Representation at Federal hearings
  • Respond to Statement of Reasons
  • Requests to re-open hearings
  • Filing appeals of adverse decisions
  • Representation for all aspects of the security clearance process
  • Other security clearance issues

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Whether you’re located in Washington, D.C., Santa Fe, New Mexico, or anywhere in between the Law Offices of The Edmunds Law Firm is ready to assist you.
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Alan Edmunds – Security Clearance Attorney

Attorney Alan Edmunds has been an attorney for 40 years with offices in California and national clients across the United States and international clients from over 31 countries. He has earned a B.A Degree from the Univ of Miami; an MBA from the Univ. of Phoenix; a Juris Doctor from Thomas Jefferson; and a Masters of Divinity from the Univ. of Jerusalem.

Mr. Edmunds has been honored by selection as a Judge Pro Tem in the San Diego Superior Courts – Family Law Division and has earned national recognition as an author, lecturer and college instructor and trial attorney. He is credentialed as a Calif College Instructor, a Generalist with Society of Human Resource Managers, an Ordained Presbyterian Church Elder and an Evangelical Christian Minister Ordained January 2016.

Throughout his career as an attorney Mr. Edmunds has helped clients in over 30 states. He has appeared on local and national television including talk show appearances. He has been featured on both radio and television concerning cases that received national attention. He often is called to consult for newspapers and wire service bureaus on breaking news events. He has been acclaimed as one of the countries leading trial attorneys in the area of National Security Clearance matters. In California his Family law practice includes representing professional athletes, celebrities and business leaders.

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In weeks ahead, the attorneys from The Edmunds Law Firm will be appearing in Houston, Texas, Seattle, Washington, and San Diego, California. The question arises why do so many people choose The Edmunds Law Firm to represent them in cases involving National Security Clearances? The answer is really simple. First and foremost, the experience of Attorney Alan Edmunds and his associates can create an huge advantage to any Applicant. This law firm’s attorneys have argued cases across the United States and we believe we are the largest law firm in this area of National Security Clearance work. We have found no other law firm that has had such a high frequency of representation in so many different states.

The second reason that people hire The Edmunds Law Firm to represent them is attributed to our success rate. While no lawyer or law firm wins every case, The Edmunds Law Firm has had an incredible record of winning cases throughout the United States. This record is no secret. Any individual can browse the websites of the Edmunds Law Firm or the DOHA website and review the decisions of the Court. The Edmunds Law Firm prominently appears and has won virtually every type of case that has been brought by the Government.

If you or a co-worker are facing allegations that threaten your National Security Clearance or your application, why not hire a law firm with a proven record of success. Experience makes the difference in the area of National Security Clearances and The Edmunds Law Firm is foremost in this area of law. The process starts by simply calling. Please contact us at 800-481-2526.

Very truly yours,

Alan V. Edmunds



Call 800.481.2526 or fill out this form to tell us about your case. A security clearance attorney will respond to you promptly.


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Many military members don't realize that a poor discharge can prevent a person from obtaining a national security clearance. The Edmunds Law Firm has been helping active duty and retired military with military discharge upgrades for over 30 years. Our experience makes the process very easy and the cost is reasonable.