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The government’s concern is that the applicant has divided loyalties to the United States and to another country, group or organization. The concern may be based on a relatively minor matter.

Foreign Influence


Things that are considered under this guideline include:

  • dual citizenship, especially if an American citizen seeks to acquire or obtain recognition of a foreign citizenship
  • serving the interests of a foreign person, group, organization or government in conflict with the national security interest
  • seeking or holding political office in a foreign country or voting in a foreign election
  • ownership or use of a foreign passport, even if it is approved by the cognizant security authority or has been destroyed, surrendered or invalidated
  • accepting educational, medical, retirement, social welfare or other such benefits from a foreign country

Dual Citizenship And Your Security Clearance

Attorney Alan Edmunds has represented clients who have dual citizenship in hundreds of Hearings under both DoD 5220.6 and ICPG 704.2 . You would think that the standards are the same but when you look at the Reg’s – the language is different.

Known as one of “The Best Security Clearance Lawyers“, in the country, Attorney Alan Edmunds makes no secret that he thrives in the courtroom. ICPG 704.2 states, ” Being a U.S. citizen and a citizen of another country in not prohibited or disqualifying absent a showing of heightened risks related to national security.” The same language does not appear in DoD 5220.6 .

The concern is when an individual acts in such a way as to indicate a preference for a foreign country over the United States, then he or she may be prone to provide information or make decisions that are harmful to the interests of the United States.

This guideline, as well as others, have mitigating conditions that can be used by a skilled and knowledgeable attorney such as Alan V. Edmunds. With proper representation, case preparation, submission of documentary evidence and presentation of compelling oral testimony, a security clearance denial can often be overcome. Experience matters, and The Edmunds Law Firm has the experience to help.

Attorney Alan Edmunds, one of this country’s Best Security Clearance Lawyers, has been in the courts on several Foreign Influence and Foreign Preference cases involving clients who live with or date foreign nationals. On several cases our client lives with a Foreign National who has applied for or received their citizenship. The problem however is not over. If the Foreign National has relatives still in a foreign country the DoD will move against the security clearance holder.

These cases can be won however they require extensive mitigation. The foreign country involved is also a serious concern. Attorney Alan Edmunds has represented clients with this problem for country’s around the world.

If you need a Response to SOR; an Appeal to Security Clearance Denial or representation at a Hearing – call Alan Edmunds. His Firm has offices in Calif, Florida and North Carolina.