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Even though the economy has been uncertain for everyone, financial issues are taken into account when obtaining or maintaining security clearance. Things such as gambling, frivolous spending, and unexplained affluence can all garner concern during this process.

Financial Considerations


Disqualifying circumstances include:

  • a history of not meeting financial obligations, even if it happened long ago, was infrequent or occurred under such circumstances that it is unlikely to reoccur
  • financial problems linked to alcoholism, gambling problems or other issues of security concern, sometimes though the person has received or is receiving counseling for the problem
  • affluence, even if it is gained through legal means
  • failure to file annual Federal, state or local income tax returns

Financial issues may be out of the individual’s control, and he or she acted responsibly under the circumstances, such as after loss of employment, business downturn or unexpected medical emergencies. They can still raise questions about that individual’s reliability, trustworthiness and ability to protect classified information.

With proper representation, case preparation, submission of documentary evidence and presentation of compelling oral testimony, a security clearance denial can often be overcome. Contact The Edmunds Law Firm to discuss your denial with an experienced attorney.