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The Edmunds Law Firm offers a variety of services for individuals seeking a security clearance. The firm also offers services to those individuals who have been denied a security clearance.

I. Consulting

Many individuals who have questions want to retain an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in the area of national security for purposes of consulting only. The Edmunds Law Firm is specially equipped to help individuals seeking consulting advice only. The fee structure for this service is very affordable and does not require a large retainer.

Clients are able to gain the vast experience and knowledge of our attorneys on a consulting basis, over a fixed period of time. If you have questions about the application process, or actions taken against your application, this service is tailored to your needs.

II. Application Preparation

Our law firm offers advice and preparation in the area of completing a national security clearance application. Navigating the difficult questions that are asked of every applicant often requires experience and knowledge. At The Edmunds Law Firm, experience of over 33 years is as close as your telephone. The fees for this type of representation are very affordable and convenient.

III. Document Preparation

Many applicants seeking a national security clearance have received written questions or requests for further information from the government. A proper response on the part of the applicant requires document preparation to be sent to the government. Often, applicants do not respond in an appropriate fashion or completely misunderstand the intent of the government’s inquiry. Written responses are very detailed and can be used against the applicant at a later time. Don’t fall victim to the confusion of poorly-drafted answers or non-responsive answers that could later create problems with your application.

Please call our experienced attorneys whenever you are served with requests by the government for written responses, interrogatories or a request for production of documents.

IV. Full Representation

One of the areas of representation that distinguishes The Edmunds Law Firm from other attorneys is our outstanding record of successful case representation at formal hearings.

Full representation allows our law firm to take the case from inception through document preparation, witness interview and preparation, and formal hearing representation. A simple review of the DOD website will reveal the amazing success of our law firm. On any one of our websites, an individual can click on settlements and verdicts and read a small sample of the successful hearings at which we have appeared on behalf of our clients.

V. Appeals

The Edmunds Law Firm has had the privilege of representing individuals who wished to file an appeal following an unsuccessful result at the formal hearing. We have represented clients who appeared at formal hearings with other attorneys and had unsuccessful results. In some cases, we have been successful in overturning the earlier decision for the benefit of our client.

We also file appeals for clients who represented themselves at the formal hearing stage. The fees for this service are very reasonable. If you would like to appeal an unsuccessful result, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Attorney Alan Edmunds is the Senior Attorney and founder of the Firm. He is often considered by many as “The Best Security Clearance Lawyer” in the country. His record of success appears on the official government website at DOHA. He has over 600 hearings just in the last 4 years. His staff of professionals also does Responses to SOR, FOIA Requests, Security Clearance Appeals and Military Security Clearances. If you need help call 800.481.2526 and trust your career to one of the most experienced law firms in the country.