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The Edmunds Law Firm has been helping people across the United States with their security clearance appeals. This highly specialized area of law is one where the attorneys at the Edmunds Law Firm experience good results for their clients. From Miami to Boston, from New York City to San Diego, the Edmunds Law Firm has been helping men and women, both civilian and active duty, with their security clearance appeals for over 30 years.

Attorney Alan Edmunds is nationally recognized as one of this country’s leading attorneys in the area of security clearance law. This law firm’s websites include valuable information about security clearance appeals that is easily available to anyone visiting our sites. Attorney Edmunds has also recently published a book on national security clearances, available through our websites or directly from .

Our case results appear on our websites or through the government DOHA website. Many people have found that our experience can truly make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful national security appeal.

Security clearance appeals are very difficult and complex matters that require experience and knowledge. The Edmunds Law Firm helps people by making our expertise available at very reasonable rates. A security clearance appeal should not be overlooked by anyone who is given the opportunity to proceed further in the security clearance process. Our law firm is available coast to coast by simply dialing (800) 481-2526 and requesting a telephone consult with either Attorney Edmunds or any other of our qualified lawyers at the Edmunds Law Firm.

The security clearance appeal process begins often with a written submission in response to a Statement of Reasons. Our law firm has had the incredible success of winning a security clearance case for our clients at even this initial phase. Winning a clearance based on a response to a Statement of Reasons is very difficult and highly unusual. The Edmunds Law Firm has also posted these types of favorable results on our websites for you to review.

After a written response to a Statement of Reasons, the case normally proceeds to a formal Hearing before a government agency. These hearings can be held by DOHA, NSA, CIA, FBI, DONCAF, AFCAF or DOE, just to name some of the many agencies that our law firm deals with. If you or a co-worker have questions about a security clearance appeal, don’t hesitate to make that important phone call to Mr. Edmunds and his staff of experienced attorneys. We look forward to speaking with you and invite you to visit our websites and review Mr. Edmunds new book.