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Security Clearance Victory from Written Response

Tobacco, New Jersey Dec 19, 2016 GUIDELINE B - INDIA The Edmunds Law Firm , the leading provider of national security clearance representation, received written Notification from [...]

Global Security Clearance Hearings – Make The Right Choice And Get The Right Result

The Edmunds Law Firm has proven to be the leader in national security clearance representation according to client endorsements. Attorney Alan Edmunds and his staff of aggressive [...]

Would You Risk Your Career?

 November 4, 2016 GUIDELINE F: FINANCIAL CONSIDERATIONS ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA This country's leading security clearance lawyer has done it again!  On Nov 4 2016 - Attorney Alan Edmunds [...]


Many military members don't realize that a poor discharge can prevent a person from obtaining a national security clearance. The Edmunds Law Firm has been helping active duty and retired military with military discharge upgrades for over 30 years. Our experience makes the process very easy and the cost is reasonable.

Does the Department of Defense Do An Investigation of your SF-86?

In a short answer, OF COURSE they do! They don’t just do a little investigation. They do [...]

Facebook Can Hurt Your Security Clearance? How?

This is a question hotly debated in the government. As of now, the government doesn’t do Facebook [...]

What is Guideline A? And why is my Allegiance to the United States Under Question?

If you received a Statement of Reasons (SOR) from a government agency or the Department of Defense, [...]

Snowden and the National Security Clearance

Mr. Snowden is now being considered for a Noble Prize for his release of documents from NSA. [...]

What Happens When Your Security Clearance is at Risk?

When your job requires that you have and maintain a security clearance, receiving a letter one stating that you have a security clearance denial can be devastating.


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