Most Common Reasons for Security Clearance Denial

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Most Common Reasons for Security Clearance Denial

The most common causes of rejection include submission of application packages with incomplete information. Applicants can help expedite their clearance application and approval process by having an experienced professional review and ensure all forms are completed accurately.

Some of the most common reasons security clearance is denied include:

  1. Missing employment information
  2. Missing information on relatives who were born outside of the U.S.
  3. Incomplete information on debt
  4. Missing information on current spouse
  5. Missing educational reference
  6. Missing employment reference
  7. Missing employment record
  8. Fingerprint cards not submitted by due date
  9. Illegible information on forms
  10. Erroneous place or date of birth information
  11. Certification forms not submitted
  12. Incorrect Social Security number

National Security Clearance Attorney

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