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Alan-Edmunds-Security-Clearance-LawyerThe Edmunds Law Firm can assist with the entire spectrum of National Security Clearance problems; security clearance denials, security clearance appeals and DOHA declaration. This field of law is complex and specialized, and today’s security climate has contributed to the difficulty in obtaining (or retaining) a National Security Clearance.

National Representation

National Representation

As National Security Lawyers with over thirty years of National Security Clearance experience has earned The Edmunds Law Firm a national reputation for success, particularly for individuals who have initially been denied a National Security Clearance.
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The Edmunds Law Firm is a nationally recognized law firm dedicated to the representation of individuals and companies in matters involving National Security Clearance and National Security Clearance Investigation. With over 30 years of Security Clearance experience, The Edmunds Law Firm is skilled in handling even the most challenging of cases.
Alan V. Edmunds

Experience Makes the Difference

The Edmunds Law Firm has the experience that makes the difference as National Security Clearance Lawyers. Individuals who are seeking to obtain, or keep, a Security Clearance are often met with significant obstacles. It is the knowledge and skill provided by the firm’s 30 years of experience that allows us to overcome these challenges.

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As National Security Clearance Attorneys, with a nationwide representation and multiple clients across the country The Edmunds Law Firm are the first choice for National Security Denials, Security Clearance Appeals or DOHA Declaration. Contact us today for more information about your National Security Clearance case.
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Favorable Decisions

The Applicant, had accumulated debt totalling more than $14,277.00, but through the written Response to SOR package, and supportive documentation, the Edmunds Law Firm was able to mitigate the government’s concerns and the Applicant was able retain their clearance, and move forward with their career.
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“I said it before and I meant it! YOU ARE MY HERO AND THE BEST AT WHAT YOU DO!!! THANK YOU!”

“Everything turned out great! The Central Adjudicating Authority granted my clearance to TS/SCI in June and backed dated it to January 2012. Thank you for everything you’ve done. I am currently in Ghazni Afghanistan now working with the NATO forces. Thanks again!”
Christy, San Diego, Ca

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